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Giving Back
Salty Paws RVA
Juliet Seymour

It all started when I moved to Virginia in 2015 with my 4 children. After earning my Master's degree in Special Education I spent 6 years teaching before I decided to move on to something new!

In March 2021 my kids convinced me to get a rescue pup. Tuxedo came into the family, and everyone quickly fell in love with all the things doggie.

After deciding that being surrounded by pups would be the best way to spend my days, we decided to get one more addition to the family. Emerald joined us in February 2023 and brought with her not only a lot of chaos but also a lot of love and joy!

The whole family is so excited to get to know all of the dogs of RVA in the store and also on the road in the Salty Paws Doggie Ice Cream Truck !

Peeping Dog
Peeping Puppy
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